Creating a Home Theatre

Let’s talk about the retreat you need in your own home aka The Home Theater… This beautiful room designed by our sister company @studiomginteriors was truly a happily ever after! Here’s how you can make your own:

1. Room darkening window treatments - check out @selectblinds for some great custom options that are fast and affordable! We like to stick with neutral colors in a roller shade or top down bottom up to provide excellent light control in a window covering that disappears on the window. 

2. A deep sofa with a lot of pillows! Insider trick @etsy and @homegoods have SO many on trend pillows ready to take home today! You can add interest by selecting pillows in the same general color but with different textures and trims. Using a selection of pillows in linen, velvet, with tassels and embroidery will really brighten up the vibe. Different shapes will only increase the interest level.

3. Replace your Coffee Table with an Ottoman or cushion that you can put your feet up on. Need both functions - add a large tray on top of the ottoman for a hard surface when you need to set out a drink or your bowl of popcorn. 

Remember to have fun with the process! Think about how you want to the room to make you feel, and who it will be accommodating. Start today by looking around your house for elements that can be repurposed right away. 

Enjoy! Now, on with the show!

Ariel & Megan