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The roomLift affiliate program is:

for businesses looking to sell furniture, products and accessories through roomLift.

for realtors and developers who can harness roomLift’s expertise for larger scale Interior Design projects.

the perfect way for your business to gain direct access to the roomLift platform and customers.

to help drive mutual profits and brand expansion through our network of Partner Designers and customers.

Why Join roomLift’s Affiliate Program?

  • Gain access to roomLift customers through a nationwide network of Partner Designers
  • Profit on sales made through roomLift
  • Organize and track affiliate data easily through Impact

Affiliates We Are Looking For

  • Home furniture and accessory websites
  • Lifestyle partners in the home and family space
  • Realtors looking to deploy roomLift’s services on a wider scale

Steps to Apply

  • If you have not already, create an Impact account
  • Login and apply to the roomLift Affiliate Program
  • Reach out at with any questions

About Us

roomLift provides completely online professional Interior Design expertise by connecting customers to one of our many Partner Designers. Using photos, existing furniture, budget and other preferences in mind, the customer’s designer will select unique furnishings and accessories to transform the room. roomLift caters to customers seeking professional advice typically spending between $3,000 to $20,000 on products, per room designed through our service. Customers purchase and install the recommendations of their professional Designer directly. roomLift specifies over $1 million in furniture monthly from over 30 trusted affiliate and retail partners for customers looking to create a beautiful new space for a fraction of the price of a traditional Interior Designer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join?

roomLift offers competitive affiliate payouts and support for advertisements and media. Check out our Impact page for more information on payouts from the roomLift Affiliate Program.

How would roomLift support you?

roomLift has the resources to provide a series of static ads, video content, social posts and internal resources to promote your products in conjunction with roomLift’s platform. In addition, we have a multitude of assets which would allow you to seamlessly promote roomLift across your services. These resources could also be used to effortlessly create content with our team for effective cross-promotion.

Is roomLift’s Affiliate Program international?

Yes, the Affiliate Program is available to partners across the globe, with a focus on the United States. 

Is my business eligible to participate in roomLift’s Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is open to a wide variety of businesses including the furniture and home industry to lifestyle influences, realtors, and landlords. Please contact with any questions or concerns about joining the Affiliate Program.

Where can I find information about the terms and payout of the roomLift Affiliate Program?

The details of the discount and payment structure of roomLift’s Affiliate Program can be found on Impact here.

How do I keep track of results of the Affiliate Program?

Impact’s dashboard includes detailed reports of our current promotional deals, earnings, and success of various campaigns through our Affiliate Program.

Have more questions? Send an email or click on the intercom icon to chat or leave a message.

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Have more questions? Send an email or click on the intercom icon to chat or leave a message.


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