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Does your home reflect your style?

 roomLift is an Interior Design solution that helps you achieve unique personal spaces that you'll love!


What's in the box?


Weekly Local Spotlight

bodewell living

is a journey of the senses. Hand poured candles, thoughtfully crafted, evocative fragrances, minimalist simplicity that feels modern, yet timeless. Fearlessly female owned and operated.


need art?

We are excited to provide custom Art

Custom selections as part of each roomLift design, hand-selected for your new space by ArtlyOwl, an online art gallery and art advisory firm featuring artwork from creators in your community.

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Obsessed with my roomLift box!


...we got a valuable lesson on where we could save and where we could splurge...


roomLift was the motivation I needed...


I’ve never been so excited to receive a package!

Sara A.M.

“I got the box. I am extremely pleased and playing around with it. Thumbs up completely on the layout, and the best best best find was the johnathan adler chaise!”

Mona K.

“You have transformed our house into a HOME. I get so much joy just standing in different rooms which are now clean and put-together.”

Sarah L.

Thank you for your wonderful business!  I’ve worked with designers in my house in the past and I’ve been pleased, but no one could come up with a good solutions for this room!!  

Wendy M.

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