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At roomLift, we value the unique opportunity that everyone brings to their Design Project. You know how you want to live, we provide access to a community of Professional Interior Designers who can help you get there. On your own terms.

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Step 1:


Share your Dreams & Desires for your space with us easily through our App.

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Step 2:


Your expert Designer collects their best ideas to help you achieve your Desired space.

roomLift Design Recommendations

Step 3:

Confer & Select

See, touch & feel the Quality of selected Options just for you! Make your own informed Choices!

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What's in the box?
Design Ideas & Solutions

•   Floor Plan
•   Paint and/or wallpaper samples
•   Material and finish samples (textile, tile...)
•   roomLift product Cards for each suggested item with specific information so that you can purchase it all yourself, directly from the retailer.

People are saying:


Obsessed with my roomLift box!


Los Angeles, CA


...we got a valuable lesson on where we could save and where we could splurge...


New York, NY


I’ve never been so excited to receive a package!

Sara A.M.



“I got the box. I am extremely pleased and playing around with it. Thumbs up completely on the layout, and the best best best find was the johnathan adler chaise!”

Mona K.

Boston, MA


roomLift was the motivation I needed...


Los Angeles, CA


“You have transformed our house into a HOME. I get so much joy just standing in different rooms which are now clean and put-together.”

Sarah L.

Los Angeles, CA


Thank you for your wonderful business!  I’ve worked with designers in my house in the past and I’ve been pleased, but no one could come up with a good solutions for this room!!  

Wendy M.

Chestertown, MD

roomLift's Interior Design Services:



✔︎   Includes a box with your Scaled Floor Plan, Samples and Furnishing Suggestions for Each of your Unique Rooms, mailed to your door.

✔︎   Includes a List of specifications for how to purchase and proprietary discounts.

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✔︎   Includes a Design Board emailed to you full of Accessory and Design ideas for your Unique Space.

✔︎   Includes a List of specifications for how to purchase and proprietary discounts.

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Access an Expert


✔︎   Full House, Remodeling or unique design challenges. Designer will review your project specifics to deliver a custom proposal.

✔︎   Schedule a Virtual/Phone Consult for immediate tips on how to improve your Space.

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