A little bit about us....

Co-founders Ariel and Megan are first cousins, as close as anyone can be without being sisters. We are thrilled and encouraged every day by the energy and support that our team puts in to roomLift. 


We value our time and spending it wisely.

We value Family, community and the future of the planet.

We also value the power of positivity. 

We have seen the positive effects of keeping our energetic vibrations high.

It is important to us to do good and be supportive.

The world is a beautiful place, join us as we are doing more to keep it that way.

Megan Hersch

Co-founder, CCO & COO

As I’ve watched design accessibility increase drastically in the last few years, I’ve seen so many people watch DIY television and have inspiration boards full of images for home design projects that never start. It’s common to feel inspiration overload with home decorating ideas. Often you aren’t sure where to turn and don’t have the time or confidence to execute your vision without the help of a professional. 

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Capitalizing on my experience as an interior designer for more than a decade–working with clients in every style and budget—I created roomLift along with my cousin Ariel as an a la carte, mail-order interior design solution that helps people achieve unique and personal spaces on their own terms. By giving everyone access to interior design expertise “in a box,” we can help you turn your home decorating dreams into a reality, and love where they live. 

Megan lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Justin, (a home automation specialist) and her two daughters Stella (12) and Lucy (8). They both enjoy spending time in nature - hiking in the woods or at the beach - finding more ways to ground ourselves. Megan finds nostalgic solace on the Dave Matthews Band channel on XM Radio or frankly, Kidz Bop if need be to keep the backseat happy.

Ariel Sutro

Co-founder & CeO

My passion for better living, through quality designis the thread that I have followed throughout my professional experience. I have a background as a producer, designer, event planner, networker, and manager of promotional campaigns. For over ten years, I've had the opportunity of directing marketing and sales activities for high-density urban residential developers in the Bay Area. With that experience, I then founded a company that employed varied designers to create model homes, sales offices, and engaging experiences to build community at multi-family residential developments throughout the West.

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It has always been my passion to create engaging experiences. When Megan and I decided to launch roomLift, we knew our background was the perfect combination to bring our client's ideas into reality. At roomLift, I focus on how roomLift can share more ideas, strategies, resources, and seek out partnerships with organizations aligned with our client’s needs.

Running a company aligned with my values, supporting Designers - whether they are professionals looking for an easier way to engage with their clients, or people trying to solve issues in their own homes - is a joy! I’m proud that we give 4% of our revenue back to the community, supporting One Tree Planted to offset our production and contributions to Everytown For Gun Safety, the ACLU and No Kid Hungry, organizations working to protect our communities. Living and working within our values feels very important to me, especially right now, and the kind of example I want to provide for my sons. 

Molly McDermott Walsh

Fractional CMO

Molly joins the roomLift team with twenty years of design industry experience with brands such as Farrow & Ball, Pantone, Hudson Valley Lighting Group & Zenith Swiss Watch/LVMH. 

Taking a holistic approach to growing roomLift, she brings organizational strategy, creative marketing and interior design industry expertise to accelerate roomLift’s mission to deliver custom design expertise to your doorstep.

Dave Hoare

VP Content, ServiceNow

Board Member

Dave brings technology expertise from more than a decade at Google and helped design the inner workings of roomLift’s user experience.

Claire Cochran

Founder & Principal 

Law Offices of Claire Cochran

Claire provides advocacy for employees in the workplace and specializes in negotiating employment on behalf of C Suite employees.

Ellen Dunne

Senior Product Design, Shopify

Ellen has two decades of experience leading cross-functional teams in the creation of web and mobile consumer products. Her product approach is based on the 'build, measure, learn' cycle and other key principles of the Lean UX philosophy.

Jen Randle

Founder SNGL Consulting

Jen focuses on the creation of systemic change alongside the makers and leaders of global commerce. She believes that “while representation and mix are vital, we place great emphasis on delivering change through the creation of more just and equitable corporate centers.”

Erin Thompson

Compass Real Estate

Among Top 100 Agents in US

 Erin consistently ranks in the “top 500 Real Estate Agents in the US,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

roomLift provides EVERYONE with; permission, advice, resources and support.

These elements are consistent for both the designers on the platform, and the customers they are supporting.

Let us Lift you up, as we in turn, Lift our communities and make them stronger!