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4 Walls Interior Design

Philadelphia, PA

Every environment should be an extension of who you are and what you value - we transform spaces into what's truly reflective and authentic to you.

Amy Pierce Design

Marin County, CA

Amy strives to know each client’s needs and to create the perfect personalized narrative for that client.

Anna Hackathorn Interior Design

Los Angeles, CA

Life can be stressful. Designing your home shouldn't be! We’ll create the house you’ve dreamt of that is polished and approachable, elegant and comfortable

Arah Leslie Design

Mill Valley, CA

Arah loves pushing the boundaries with modern, bespoke design that mixes modern and vintage.

Arq Design Brassaroto

Los Angeles / Miami / Rio de Janeiro / London

Creating trendy yet timeless designs that suit your taste and lifestyle, Mariana's keen eye can make your dream space come to life!

Ashley Fiocco Designs

Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Ashley Fiocco Designs is a versatile full-service and E-design studio with the vision to realize the home you are only imagining.

Bent Oak Design

Parker, Colorado

I'm passionate about marrying design, style, and function within a realistic budget. I thrive on taking a space to the next level on any budget. I'm here to help!

Caitlyn McSorley Design

San Francisco, CA

Thoughtful design with a minimalistic and eclectic design style to enhance your lifestyle with ease.

Sarvin Bayat Interior Design

Washington DC / Netherlands / Dubai / Germany

Sarvin’s mission is to ensure that when her clients sit in their newly designed rooms, they feel at peace in their new space.

Studio MG Interiors

Los Angeles, CA

We are looking to provide an experience & end result that is above & beyond what our clients expect; the ultimate goal is our clients love where they live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the dimensions of my room for the floor plan?

Once we receive the photos of your space (via a link that we email you after checkout) we create a sketch of your room. We will label each distance with letters and email you this sketch, asking for those measurements to be returned to us in a simple list (A = 24”, B = 66”, etc). From these measurements we create your scaled floor plan on our software program.

What do I do after I purchase the service?

After your purchase you will receive 2 links via email. The first will be our questionnaire that we ask you to complete so we can get to know more about you and your design needs. This is also a place to send us any links to Pinterest pages or other inspiration that you have already collected in your design journey up to this point. The more detailed, the better, this really helps us design the best space for you! The second link is to a Dropbox file where you can directly upload a handful of photos showing your current space, any design inspo photos that you have, pieces of furniture you want to keep in your new design and the like. 

How do I know what style I like?

Check out the My Style page and browse through a good representation of imagery organized by larger style categories. On the questionnaire we ask for your style preference and more often than not, customers select at least 2 of the styles because most of us have our own spin on it. That’s what we love at roomLift and work hard to create a unique space that’s just right for you.

When will my designs arrive?

Once we receive all of your information (photos, questionnaire, dimensions and payment) you can expect to hear from your designer via email once or twice more within the following 2 weeks. Typically you will receive your roomLift box in the mail within 3-4 weeks of purchase.

What if I have furniture 🥰 I want to keep in my room?

We love working with pieces that you already love!! (That’s how we live too.) Be sure to mention that you have pieces you wish to keep in the questionnaire, give us their dimensions and include photos when you upload pictures of your space. Call them out specifically if they are already in the room.

Can you suggest Art for my room?

Yes! Art really does make the space and we are happy to share a variety of ideas on how to fill your walls in a collected and studied way to round out all of our designs. So glad you asked!

Have more questions? Send an email or click on the intercom icon to chat or leave a message.

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Have more questions? Send an email or click on the intercom icon to chat or leave a message.


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