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We know choosing the perfect element for your home is a considered choice.

choosing a wallpaper?

need a designer?

roomlift can help!

That's why WallsNeedLove works with roomLift.

  • roomLift makes difficult decisions simple

  • roomLift keeps your needs front & center

  • No hidden fees, No markups

  • Just expert design, trade discounts, and loving where you live!

One of our most recent home office projects partnering 
with WallsNeedLove

"I got my dining table today and it's incredible! As always, you are spot on with your choices!"

- Jodi J. 

Chicago, IL

"Roomlift was the motivation I needed to finally redesign my office space. I am so grateful and love my new space. Now I can't wait to design my playroom with Roomlift!

- Andrea S. 

Los Angeles, CA

Named Best All in One Package by The Spruce and

Best Hands on Design by Good Housekeeping!