A 3 Step Guide to Mediterranean Decor

Megan Hersch
September 16th, 2022

Calling to a faraway place of open spaces with a fluid indoor/outdoor lifestyle, Mediterranean décor has a gorgeous way of bringing what many associate with vacation into your everyday life. 

Drawing on the deep hues of the Mediterranean Sea and the rich cultures of the countries surrounding the Sea (Italy, Greece, Morocco), the main elements of the style are open, relaxed spaces with layered, rich décor. 

(Image courtesy of Mandy Cheng Design)

roomLift | Guide to Mediterranean Decor

Check out this Mediterranean/Moroccan style home our co-founder and lead roomLift designer, Megan Hersch, designed last year as a part of Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa offering!

roomLift | Mediterranean Living Room

You can see how the elements woven throughout the inside/outside lifestyle of the home echo the décor bringing in the feeling of a getaway!

If you’re looking to transform your own space with a Mediterranean style here are 3 places to start: 

1. Paint your walls White.
roomLift | Mediterranean Kitchen

Often you will find white walls emulating plaster or clay as Mediterranean architecture was originally constructed.

This color (Valspar Bistro White is my current favorite), accentuated with beautiful patterned tile floors or walls, was similar to our work at the Rancho Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. 

roomLift | Mediterranean Kitchen
2. Collect collections – do you love baskets or pottery?

Layering multiple elements and collections is characteristic of this style…picture a collection of pottery clustered on a shelf or in a corner!

Collect and group together 5 or more of something similar. The trick is not to line them up in a row but rather to create a cluster of pots in a corner as seen in the Kitchen Studio MG Interiors' Casa Valencia project.

If you can find a pierced metal clustered Light Fixture that can transform your space immediately (although you may require an electrician).

3. Bring in some rich, bold color.
roomLift | Mediterranean Living Room

The Mediterranean color palette has some variation. It often showcases the crisp whites of the hot, beachy climate accented by deep, rich colors of the cultures surrounding – blues, reds, oranges and yellows. 

Blue feels safe to most people – start with pillows or even an overdyed runner rug (check out Zorlus on Etsy for gorgeous, overdyed area rugs and runners). 

If you’re feeling bold, bring in some red or maroon as seen on the pair of Velvet Sofas in the Living Room. 

Remember this style is quite forgiving and always start with something you love!

Stay Lifted!