Lighting 101

Megan Hersch
August 26th, 2022

I was recently asked about design mistakes I’ve made in the past, and I figured I'd write them down so you all don’t have to make them too!

Most of the design mistakes I’ve made have to do with lighting and measurements...more specifically the parts of lights that I didn’t think about when I was shopping for looks and style.

A couple things I've learned...

1. Make sure your backplates match.

When changing out sconces for a Bathroom remodel, I purchased a new sconce whose backplate wasn’t as wide as the old one so we had to patch and re-paint the wall to make the new sconces work. They were fabulous though!

2. Use a hefty Jbox!

When hanging a very heavy, vintage chandelier, I didn’t realize more support and a stronger rated Jbox were needed in the ceiling. Luckily, the ceiling was still open when the chandelier arrived at the Jobsite so we could change it out, but double check the weight limits on your Jboxes before you buy a giant iron fixture! Typically Jboxes can support 50 pounds but always consult with a professional electrician. 

I've also been seeing 2 general trends in lighting recently. Keep these in mind while you're shopping!

1. Organic shapes & elements

Example title

Rustic pottery lamps and terra cotta bell jar sconces are popping up at many retailers. This makes us so happy because that means there is so much good design in the retail marketplace!

Organic textures have been on trend for a while as people are embracing the imperfections of life and rooting in the more comfortable.

This is my personal favorite trend as I’m installing bell jars in the Dining Room this week so I’m thrilled to see so much of this around!

2. Black light fixtures

Example title

Black lamps, black sconces, black pendants, oh my! This color is definitely here to stay for a while.

The strong solid form is accentuated in black which works so well in Modern and Transitional Interiors where you need a contrasting pop. 

I can’t wait to see how you light up your life!