How to Design a More Eco-Friendly Home

Megan Hersch
October 11th, 2022

Every small change leads to bigger change.

The big changes we need may feel overwhelming, but I want to share with you a place to start - in your own home!

Here are some easy ideas for small changes in your own home that will make it a bit more green...

(And I'm not just talking about bringing in more plants!)

Remember the old reduse, reuse, recycle?

Turns out, this works well with furnishing too!

(Image courtesy of Emilie Fournet Interiors via The Spruce)

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Time to pare down and think about what you really need. Enter: Marie Kondo!

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Have an old sofa or chair that needs new life? Check out Next Door for a local upholstery shop that people love.

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If you can't use it, maybe someone else can! Donate your items to a thrift store or sell them online!

Still looking for that perfect lamp, mirror, or table? Here's a quick guide on how to shop more sustainably too...

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1. Shop local!

You've heard it a million times, but here's why it's so important.

This principal saves tons of pollutants in gas and packaging in shipping an item to you from overseas. It also helps support smaller local businesses which generates money in your local economy.

(Image courtesy of Whittney Parkinson Design)

2. Shop sustainably online.

Kathy Kuo Home has a sustainable shop you can shop exclusively from on her site. Pottery Barn does as well, and they have made a commitment to replenishing the resources they use as a company.

Bravo to them -- and to you -- for shopping there!

Bonus hint: Remember to avoid plastic products as much as possible!

(Image courtesy of Cathie Hong Interiors)

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3. Shop Etsy. Ah, Etsy.

It's a brilliant combination of local, small makers, all on one accessible platform! From vintage to handmade to small batch produced custom furniture, take it for a spin if you haven’t lately.

I bet you’ll find something great!

(Image courtesy of Gray Space Interior Design)

✨ One last hot tip...

Unlike most online Interior Design companies, roomLift's Designers aren't loyal to any specific brands! But what does that have to do with being eco-friendly??

It means we have the freedom to connect you with local, sustainable companies - furniture stores, upholsteries, clock repairs, you name it - in your own neighborhood!

Through roomLift, you can actually stay within your budget AND design your dream home in an eco-friendly way!

Excited yet? I know we are :). Stay Lifted!