Designing on a Budget: How Does roomLift Saves You Thousands?

Megan Hersch
September 7th, 2022

In a nutshell, your savings can more than equal the cost of your roomLift...

With our fixed prices, you just pay your Designer (not their commission) and get incredible deals and discounts so you can actually stick to your budget.

I'd love to tell you about how we helped our customer Samantha accomplish this...

Samantha was a busy mom of 3 from New Jersey, who was tired of her bedroom always being the last priority.

She came to roomLift knowing she needed Interior Design expertise and that with roomLift she would have access to trade discounts (not to mention our money saving tips & tricks).

Keep reading to see her before & afters as well as an exact cost breakdown of her savings!

So how does the process work?

roomLift Online Interior Design Dimensions
1. roomLift suggested 2-3 options for each piece of furniture in her Bedroom...

Her designer worked within Samntha's budget and used the exact dimensions of her room and style preferences to inform her recomendations.

2. Samantha then designed her own space from her favorite options and then was able to find herself even better deals!
roomLift Product Recommendations

Get this...because roomLift's designers aren't loyal to specific brands, Samantha was able to find simliar but cheaper options from other vendors and then waited for holiday sales (Labor Day, Black Friday, etc).

For example, we suggested a faux fiddle leaf fig tree from Crate and Barrel. Knowing she wanted this look, she was able to purchase a real fiddle leaf fig from Home Depot for $127.

Samantha was free to focus on where to find what she wanted at the best price. Check out the transformation! 

roomLift Design before & after


Example title

roomLift Design before & after


Example title

But what if there's a piece of furniture that has been with you for many years? Lucky for Samantha (and you)...

roomLift Design Recommendations
3. roomLift helped her incorporate furniture she already owned and loved. 

Our expert Interior Designers can incorporate just about anything into a space and make it feel right and fresh. 

Samantha's Tall Dresser had a lot of sentimental value and she wanted to keep it around.

Plus, she didn't have to spend more money replacing it!

4. Last, but certainly not least, as a roomLift customer Samantha had access to trade discounts from top retailers. 
roomLift Trade Discounts

Samantha chose furniture specifically from these retailers among the choices in her box in order to maximize her budget.

With her savings of over $2000, the $1500 cost of her room design was more than absorbed.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what she saved…

roomLift Interior Design Cost Breakdown
Great choices, Samantha!

So how can roomLift help you?

roomLift is transforming the Interior Design Industry. We deliver custom design, right to your doorstep, and help you to actually stick to your budget.

With hidden fees, no markups.

Just your dream room, just how you wanted it. That's it.

Click here to learn more about our services and start your own roomLift!

Stay Lifted!