Design Inspiration: Blue Bathroom Ideas

Megan Hersch
October 4th, 2022

Hey there fellow remodelers!

Having been in the Interior Design business for over 15 years, I have seen a LOT of construction.

But there is nothing quite like living through it in your own home. I feel you!

If you’re just at the beginning of the process and looking for ideas, here is a round up of some Blue Bathrooms that I found inspiring.

No matter the size of your budget, there is something here for everyone.

(Image courtesy of Jessica Nelson Design via The Spruce)

roomLift | Blue Bathroom, Blue Shower Tile

I'm sure your rooms will be just as inspirational when all is said and done!

roomLift | Blue Bathroom, Minimalist Bathtub

Check out Abi Interiors' simple and clean tub with a great coat of blue paint!

Cecily Mendell's vertical tile meeting the veigned marble and Iron-Framed glass is out of this world.

roomLift | Blue Bathroom, Blue Vertical Tile
roomLift | Blue Bathroom, Blue Bathroom Cabinet

Traditional with a colorful twist from Gardner/Fox!

You can easily take an existing wooden vanity and transform the whole room with a bold coat of paint.

A very small amount of this ultra-interesting tile goes a long way with an ultra-shiny painted finish on the rest of the walls in this Bathroom from Mad About the House.

roomLift | Blue Bathroom, Blue Bathroom Tile
roomLift | Blue Bathroom, Blue Floral Bathroom Wallpaper

Robinsprong Wallpapers shows us that you don’t always have to be Matchy-matchy for a great impact.

I am curious what happens to the water in this bathroom…

Modern is the word in this bathroom from Cersaie.

That low counter with a deep “bucket” style sink is a wonder.

roomLift | Blue Bathroom Ideas, Blue Bathroom Tile, Modern Bathroom
roomLift | Blue Bathroom Ideas, Blue Hexagonal Tile

Sometimes all you need is one accent wall of a simple and classic hexagon tile in a bold color with contrasting grout to turn a space up three notches. 

Thanks for this great showcase by Uniplex Construction!

Luxe By Design AU acknowledges that not much splashing is going to happen in this tub with the wooden surround in this beautiful electric blue.

Beware of this choice if you have kiddos in the tub…

roomLift | Blue Bathroom, White Tub
roomLift | Blue Bathroom Ideas, Blue Walls & White Tub

Scrumbles Living shows us here how simple can be beautiful.

Using only a minimum amount of a standard issue white square tile, the painted walls in this bathroom that are tucked under the roofline with a glorious skylight and plants abundant, are stellar.

I hope you feel as inspired as I did. Stay Lifted!