How to Choose the Perfect Sofa

Megan Hersch
September 15th, 2022

A sofa is likely one of the largest and most important purchases in your room, not a decision to be taken lightly! 

roomLift | How to Choose the Perfect Sofa

I know this process can be a bit overwhelming, so here are 3 factors to consider that will help you get specific in a sea of options. 

(Image courtesy of Studio MG Interiors)

1. Fabric

 Luckily these days most retailers have fabric samples to give and/or send you so that you can see the material in your own space!

The samples will be small but it is crucial to see the coloration in your light, with the other elements in your space (rug, drapery, paint).

Not to mention you'll want to feel the texture that you'll be sitting on for quite a long time (a sofa should last you a good 12 years)

2. Comfort

If you can sit on a sofa in a showroom that's great! But in today's market, with so many online-only sofa offerings, here is a quick primer: 

- All-foam seats are very firm and likely less expensive than a down wrapped foam alternative which might be softer and more comfortable for sitting. 

- The more down in the seats, the softer the cushion will sit buuuut (no pun intended)....the more fluffing the sofa cushions need. Typically a happy medium is what most sofa shoppers prefer. 

My all time favorite sofa (and company) is the Crowd Pleaser from Benchmade Modern.

Benchmade has contemporary, traditional and transitional sofas made to the inch!

My co-founder Ariel and I both have one of their sofas in our Living Room and can vouch for their comfort, durability and easy-to-clean fabrics (I once got green paint out of my white sofa cushion!).

3. Depth

Think about what kind of style you want. The current trend of very deep sofas is great for lounging and sinking into the sofa in which you're going to stay awhile (because we all need a nice long break these days, right?!)

Conversely, this trend is not suited for everyone. Deep sofas can be harder to get in and out of and if you want the option to sit upright in a conversational set up, you will need a good number of throw pillows to prop you up comfortably. 

(Throw pillows, while they are a designer's favorite accessory, can lose their appeal if you need more than 4.)

In this roomLifted Living Room we recommended a Room and Board sofa and an armless loveseat from Anthropologie.

Room and Board has very comfortable, durable sofas, more contemporary in style, as well as an incredibly comfortable sofa bed option! 

Hot Tip!

If you have 2 sofas in a room from different manufacturers, don't try to match fabrics as they will almost always be slightly off.

Instead, turn the coupling purposefully on its ear like we did in this living room with linen and velvet blues.

Stay Lifted as you Lounge!