How to Style Throw Pillows: 5 Easy Tips

Megan Hersch
October 11th 2022

I recently spoke with Parent's Magazine about some of my tips and tricks for buying and styling throw pillows in your home.

They first asked me, "Is there ever an instance where you would not use throw pillows in a design?"

I couldn’t think of one! Throw Pillows are the finishing touches that really bring your design home (without breaking your wallet!).

Without further ado...

Here are my 5 easy tips to spiff up your space with these comfy accessories!

(Image courtesy of Studio MG Interiors)

roomLift | Red Couch & Throw Pillows

1. First and foremost, experiment with how many pillows are comfortable to sit with on your sofa or bed.

roomLift | Bedroom Throw Pillows

Here's an easy test: If you have to move them off the sofa in order to sit on it...that’s too many!

You don’t need that extra step in your life!

(Image courtesy of Cathie Hong Interiors)

2. Use colors from art, a rug or a piece of furniture that you already have for a complete and finished look in your room.

roomLift | Throw Pillow Ideas

In this living room, the Designer coordinated both the tones and the patterns!

(Image courtesy of Mandy Cheng Design)

3. Don’t forget about texture...

roomLift | Throw Pillow Textures

The same color in a velvet and a linen fabric is a sophisticated pairing. Even neutrals go the extra mile this way.

(Image courtesy of Jason Donnelly at The Spruce)

4. Try black & white!

roomLift | Black & White Mudcloth Pillows

Black and White mud cloth pillows are chic, popular and easily go with many different styles.

Best place to find them: Etsy!

Grab a few in mix-and-match patterns and you’ve changed your space by barely lifting a finger ;).

(Image courtesy of JDP Interiors)

5. Need inserts?

roomLift | How to Make Your Pillows Look Plump

The Company Store Down Alternative inserts are my go-to!

To ensure the pillows look plump and luxurious, select an insert that is 2” larger, all around, than the pillow cover.

So, for an 18” x 18” pillow, we like to use a 20” x 20” insert.

(Image courtesy of Kara Mann)

Check back here and at Parent's Magazine for more useful design hacks!

We're here to help when you feel the need for some professional advice so you can put together a room that you love.

Stay Lifted!