The Art of Hanging Art

Megan Hersch
September 2nd, 2022

There's a rule of 3 in the world of hanging artwork...

Either 3 frames that are all the same size in a row or...

Example title

(Image courtesy of Sarvin Bayat - one of roomLift's Partner Designers!)

One smaller frame in the center of 2 larger frames.

Example title

(Image courtesy of Jessica Nelson Design via The Spruce)

Both techniques are sure fire ways to display your artwork.

Typically, bigger is better! Go larger than you think and really fill the wall. If you can, span the whole width of the back of the sofa or length of the dining table!

BUT if you have 3 pieces that are not the same size you may be able to select two to frame the same size with larger/smaller matte selection.

If your pieces are smaller OR the idea of lining up and measuring 3 pieces is daunting, I suggest a picture ledge (Ikea or CB2 has great looking ones). Then, you can lean 3 pictures for instant art wall!

I also love the ability to add a couple of smaller pieces here and there as you collect them (even postcards from your travels or a Polaroid from a fun night out).

Check out how we styled this picture shelf with an eclectic mix of frame styles and sizes a couple of weeks ago at an apartment in Paris!

And when you’re ready to graduate to a Gallery Wall here are 3 quick tips:

1. Mix frames, art and objects in with your photos for more depth and interest.

This puts less pressure in the photos themselves!

2. Start with the larger pieces to ground the gallery.

Then fill in smaller frames once you have them set in place. 

3. Before you put holes in the wall, use paper the size of your frames to layout your gallery.

Check out this roomLift customer’s Gallery Wall success strategy below!


Example title


Example title

Stay Lifted!