How Much Does it Cost to Decorate a Living Room?

Megan Hersch
February 15th, 2022

Are you ready for a simple way to access Design? If you’ve ever tried to take on a home improvement project, you may have felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of furniture options and spending potential.

This is a common occurrence called Analysis Paralysis and roomLift is here to help!

At roomLift, this is a task our Designers navigate every day.

We’re breaking down how much you can expect to spend on redecorating your Living Room in order to help with one of the toughest phases of the job...budgeting.

Without further ado, we present a living room designed by roomLift Partner Designer, Jennifer Hogoboam!

We've calculated a sample high/low budget on a recent project with room in between for your personal choices on where you’d like to spend more or save more!

(That’s why our Designers give 2-3 options per item, trade discounts, and savings tips so you can play with what fits your specific budget.) 

Shop the look of the $4,525 room here!

Shop the look of the $12,504 budget here!

You'll love how many elements of this room have been considered by Jennifer!




For both totals, add in some wiggle room for any additional items you might want such as vases, candle holders, framed family photos, etc.

Whatever your reason for redecorating…from a big move to a spruce up of your sanctuary, this breakdown will be a very useful starting point.

Have some more questions about your upcoming project? roomLift is passionate about helping you make your space more…you. Sign up for a free consult with one of our experts today! 

Stay Lifted!